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Delicious, healthy salads & dressings!

Vegan Summer Recipes - burger, skewers, salad, popsicles, soup

The BEST Vegan Summer Recipes

Hi friends! I’ve got a real treat for you today! Warmer weather is finally here and summer is right around the corner! I’ve been rounding up some of THE BEST vegan summer recipes, just for you! I’ve got you covered with healthy appetizers, dips, burgers, wraps, salads, summer soups, smoothies, healthy desserts, and so much more! Are you ready for…

Mexican salad in serving dish garnished with lime wedges

Mexican Salad with 3 Minute Guacamole

Beautiful, colourful, flavourful, Mexican salad is topped with my favourite simple recipe for Guacamole! Yes, guacamole! I mean, we use guacamole for dunking, and layered in burritos and tacos, so why not dolloped on a salad? My thoughts exactly. 🙂 How do you make a Mexican salad? Very easily! I use 5 basic ingredients for the salad base: purple cabbage…

Cranberry Broccoli Salad in serving dish

Cranberry Broccoli Salad with Cran Lemon Dressing

Do you ever open the fridge and just randomly put ingredients together? Sometimes these unplanned recipes result in the most amazing, flavourful dishes! That is exactly how this delicious cranberry broccoli salad with cranberry lemon dressing came to be. Before this, I would never have thought to combine these ingredients. But wow, this combo is fantastic! The cranberry lemon dressing…

7 layer spinach salad

7 Layer Spinach Salad (Easy)

Salads are a great dish, whether it be the main course, or a side. They are extremely versatile. I mean, you can put practically any ingredient into a salad. Try this 7 layer spinach salad with your next barbecue! It adds colour, variety and FRESH flavour to the table and your plate. It provides a much needed fresh bite beside…