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Welcome to This Healthy Kitchen!

Hello and Ciao! I’m Rosa 🙂This Healthy Kitchen About Me

Welcome, I’m very excited to have you here! Please join me in my love of food, and passion for healthy cooking.

I was born and raised in Southern Ontario, Canada but grew up in a very Italian household, which exposed me to homemade cooking from a very young age. My mom can turn any ingredients into a delicious home cooked meal, and I like to think I’ve learned this trait from her. It’s always been my pleasure to cook for others and nothing makes me happier than having someone enjoy my cooking. My favourite compliment is when my husband ask for seconds (or thirds!!).

I’m a mom of 2 boys, and always looking to create something new and exciting for family meals, while maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. I love to experiment with different types of cuisines and create my new recipes. I hope you’ll all enjoy them as much as my family and I.


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