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vegan gnocchi with bechamel sauce

Vegan Gnocchi with Bechamel Sauce

Growing up Italian means you get to eat homemade gnocchi. Like a lot! No complaints here. Sometimes I cheat with a store bought version, in the interest of saving time. I know my ancestors are shaking their heads at me. BUT!! These are REALLY, REALLY good! Especially when accompanied by an incredibly easy to make bechamel sauce. So today I…

Vegan Lasagna slice

Seriously the BEST Vegan Lasagna

Yes it’s a bold statement but I stand by it! This is seriously the BEST vegan lasagna EVER! As an Italian, my ancestors are probably shaking their heads at me right now. Yes, you may think that vegan and lasagna don’t belong in the same sentence, but boy oh boy is this ever GOOD. My husband who doesn’t even like…

vegan bolognese on zucchini noodles

Vegetable Bolognese Zucchini Noodles

Whenever I’m craving pasta, which is fairly often (I mean, I’m Italian, who am I kidding?), I opt for my handy dandy spiralizer! I use a Veggie Bullet to spiralize all kinds of different vegetables. But there are many other spiralizers out there that work just as well! Today, I present you with this rich and delicious, hearty vegetable bolognese! This…

monster cookies on cooling rack

Super Delicious Healthy Halloween Cookies

This weekend is my youngest child’s first birthday! Somehow my little baby is turning one. Not sure how this happened so quickly. Since he’s born only a few days before Halloween, I feel it’s appropriate to host a Monster Bash. So, there will be a monster cake and monster decorations of course. We will be playing pin the eye on…

blueberry pancakes stacked in plate

Blueberry Pancakes – Gluten Free

So I’m a few days late for national pancake day, but I think pancakes are great ANY day. So this time, I’ve got blueberry pancakes for you! They are gluten free, vegan, refined sugar free, and make a perfectly healthy breakfast (or dinner)! With only wholesome ingredients, you can feel good making these pancakes for your family. I love pancakes…

pumpkin spice pancakes stacked in plate

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

Here’s a perfectly themed autumn breakfast, (or dinner) idea for you! Pumpkin spice pancakes are delicious, served with maple syrup, fresh fruit, strawberry jam, or just eat them plain. They’re that good! My husband is always asking for pumpkin recipes, so you will probably see a lot of them over the next few weeks. I, personally, LOVE pancakes. So I…

pumpkin spice donut holes in bowl

Pumpkin Spice Donut Holes – Gluten Free

Today is round two of making tomato sauce with my family, and it’s been a long time tradition to bring coffee and donuts for the occasion! This time, I decided to try making some donuts, or donut holes rather, and I must admit, they are TO DIE FOR! Seriously, give these pumpkin spice donut holes a try. They are moist,…

pumpkin spice muffins on rack with canned pumpkin

Healthy Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Autumn is just around the corner and Starbucks has released their seasonal pumpkin spice latte! I feel it’s as good a time as any to make these healthy pumpkin spice muffins! Is it just me? Or is pumpkin spice actually a season? It seems the craze for all things pumpkin is more and more hyped every year once the air…

easy coconut peach popsicles

Easy Coconut Peach Popsicles

The perfect summer treat on a hot summer day! These yummy and easy coconut peach popsicles are a great way to cool off from the summer heat. They are sweet, without the use of any refined sugar, making them a guilt free treat that the whole family will enjoy. I like to enjoy mine pool side. 🙂 When you’re going…