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Handy how to’s for your favourite recipes.

brown rice flour-brown rice in hand

Brown Rice Flour – The Perfect Gluten Free Alternative!

If you’re avoiding gluten, whether it be for an intolerance, or preference, you may find it difficult to shop at the supermarket. Always reading the labels, checking ingredients, and possible cross contamination. Especially for those with Celiac Disease, purchasing packaged goods is quite challenging. To ease your trouble, you may want to consider brown rice flour as the perfect gluten…

vegan egg chia

Vegan Egg – Chia or Flax Egg Substitute

Looking for a vegan egg option to substitute in your favourite recipes? You can make a flax or chia egg with the below simple instructions. This recipe is a one to one ratio. So use 1 flax or chia egg to replace 1 traditional egg in your favourite baking or cooking recipes. Whether it is for a vegan lifestyle, or…