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Vegan Summer Recipes - burger, skewers, salad, popsicles, soup

The BEST Vegan Summer Recipes

Hi friends! I’ve got a real treat for you today! Warmer weather is finally here and summer is right around the corner! I’ve been rounding up some of THE BEST vegan summer recipes, just for you! I’ve got you covered with healthy appetizers, dips, burgers, wraps, salads, summer soups, smoothies, healthy desserts, and so much more! Are you ready for…

strawberry pineapple smoothie in large glass

Strawberry Pineapple Smoothie

Summer is just around the corner and this tropical flavoured smoothie is just what you need to enjoy in the sunshine! Naturally sweetened with strawberries and pineapple, no added sugar here. Plus a nice boost of protein from the hemp hearts that you’ll never guess are in there. Perfectly healthy, packed with 8g of protein, tons of vitamin C, and…

chocolate peanut butter smoothie in martini glass

Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

Chocolate peanut butter smoothie. Um, yes please! My new go to, to satisfy my sweet tooth. This decadent smoothie is super flavourful and seriously mouth watering! It’s basically dessert in a glass, but without all the refined sugar. This healthy chocolate peanut butter smoothie contains a whopping 7g of protein per serving, making it a great breakfast choice or afternoon…

Sour Apple Smoothie in cup with straw

Sour Apple Smoothie

Made in only 5 minutes, this sour apple smoothie is refreshing and so tasty! Don’t let the green colour scare you away. You can not even taste how healthy this is for you. This is not your typical smoothie made using a banana base. Instead, I’ve ditched the banana for this one and I’m using some juicier fruit and veggie…